What Is My Interior Design Style? | 13 Common Styles To Help Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home can be so fun, but very overwhelming when you don’t really know what interior design style you are going for. It is so easy to get lost in the trends that you may not realize, or even know what your design style is.

I have personally changed my design style multiple times and I blame that on trying to follow different trends that I got lost in and I forgot what design styles I truly loved. After a lot of trial and error, I am happy to say I have pretty much nailed my design style.

I always thought my design style was strictly “Farmhouse”, however, as I grew and changed, so did my design style. I would now classify my design style as a beautiful mix of Modern Farmhouse with a touch of Boho and Eclectic.

If you feel lost in your decorating process, know you are not alone. If you stay true to yourself and decorate your home with pieces that you truly love instead of just trendy items you will come up with your perfect design style.

I truly believe everyone has their own unique design style and I am sure you will find yours!

I have listed an overview of thirteen common design styles below that are sure to guide you through your decorating process.

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Looking to create a welcoming and comfortable environment? The Casual interior design style might be exactly what you are looking for.

When it comes to casual rooms, comfort is the main priority. The Casual Design style is visually appealing and easy to maintain. Furniture in casual rooms tends to be larger in scale with simple details; all of the pieces are comfortable and functional at the same time.

Colours used in a casual room are typically beige, white, sand, mint, grey, light pink and gold. With smooth lines and geometric shapes, the casual design style is one for the books when it comes to comfort and functionality.

casual design style

Country / Farmhouse

The Country/Farmhouse interior design style was huge in 2016/2017 and it was the most seen design style during that time. Rooms that are designed with a Country/Farmhouse style tend to bring warmth and coziness to the space.

In order to maintain the farmhouse feel there needs to be a balance of old and new. Wooden surfaces and coarse materials are reflected in furnishings while nature has a big inspiration on the colour scheme used throughout the home.

Imagine open shelving in your kitchen with a mix of different dishes on display, fresh flowers on your counter top, blanket ladders and black hardware used through out the home. The farmhouse style is beautiful and looks impeccable when done correctly.

country farmhouse style


Think clean, simple, minimalist lines combined with functionality and beauty. The Scandinavian interior design style is bright, airy and fresh. Using mainly neutral colours, it welcomes nature by leaving any hardwood floors showing, and livening up a room with plants.

When walking into a room that is styled in the Scandinavian design style, you will get a sense that the space is clean and well organized. If you dislike clutter in your home and thrive to have a clean looking space, then this style is one you should consider.

scandinavian style


Do you love the feeling of a warm and inviting home? Then the Traditional interior design style might be for you.

Traditional styled rooms are welcoming and classic; they give off a calm, elegant and organized feel. Furniture is laid out with a straight axis and perpendicular lines.

Accessories in Traditional homes will be arranged in matched sets. Patterns used will be predictable and nothing will be out of place or of a different style.

You should consider the Traditional design style when decorating your home if you are afraid to stray from the norm and are not to open to bright and bold colours that make a statement.

traditional style


The Eclectic interior design style is definitely one of the more challenging ones and it can be difficult to define because it is always changing. The Eclectic style is a combination of at least two different styles to create a look that is unique, unpredictable and fun.

For an Eclectic style to work, furniture and accessories must compliment each other, and not clash. When choosing colours for your eclectic room, you can use a few bold colours, but then add in a few neutrals to help the room have flow.

If you are a fun, vibrant individual, then I would give the eclectic style a chance!

eclectic style

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If you have ever wondered exactly what it is that makes a room Contemporary, you are not alone. The contemporary interior design style can be a tough one to point out as there are a lot of crossovers between aesthetics.

From Modern, to Traditional, and Art Deco to Futuristic, you will see nods of these in Contemporary styled rooms. The Contemporary style is always changing. Today it is defined by minimalism, neutral colours and curved lines, but it may look different in the future.

contemporary interior design style

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With similar characteristics to the traditional design style, the Formal design style was made to attract attention. Picture Buckingham palace meets the White House and you will have a very formal design style.

The formal interior design style makes a room look luxurious and attractive to the eye. Architectural details are emphasized and symmetrical and vertical lines are in appearance.

formal interior design style

AD Interior Design


The word Bohemian refers to someone who is socially unconventional, but don’t be fooled by the meaning because when done right, this interior design style can look amazing.

The Bohemian design style plays on colourful mixed patterns, low lying furniture, layered rugs and artistic accessories. Plants are also a huge part of the Bohemian design style. Plants bring in a pop of greenery that don’t interfere with other patterns in the space.

The Bohemian design style is one that is well loved and accepted among individuals of all ages.

boho interior design style


The Southwestern interior design style is very warm and inviting, it is a mixed culture of Spanish and American tradition.

When styling a room with a Southwestern vibe you will want to add lots of wood, metal details, texturized walls or paintings, rustic furniture and pottery. Colours you will want to pay attention to will be mahogany brown, rust, bright red, sky blue, cactus green and sand.

southwestern interior design style

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The Minimalist style started as a way to break away from the excessive and overly decorative spaces, and focus on raw materials and simplicity.

To accomplish the minimalist interior design style you will need a neutral base to start where you can embrace simplicity.

If you want some colour in your space, you can add a coloured couch against your white wall with a simple, straight lined lamp beside it and a simple painting above head.

When using the Minimalist design style, rooms need to be balanced and symmetrical. There is no clutter or over accessorizing in a Minimalist designed space – less is more.

minimalist interior design style


The Modern interior design style is another one that can be hard to characterize. It often gets confused with the Contemporary design style.

The Modern design style will have natural materials and neutral or earthy colours. You will see a lot of monochromatic colours in a room that has been decorated to reflect the Modern design style.

When decorating in this style you will have exposed beams or concrete, clean horizontal and vertical lines, natural lighting, reflective materials such as steel, chrome or glass will be seen through out the space. The Modern style is very simple and functional.

modern interior design style

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Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern interior design looks like it is here to stay. When choosing the Mid-Century Modern style, you have to be careful on how you are styling the room. When not done correctly, your space can quickly become dated instead of timeless.

To master the Mid-Century Modern design style you will want to invest in abstract pieces, use natural elements from exposed beams to wood panels to untouched brick walls. You will want everything to appear very structural and practical, yet still interesting to the eye.

When tying in colours you will want to go for burnt sage, orange and rust, while also using turquoise, sunny yellow and bright orange in other rooms in your home.

mid century modern interior design style

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Think your grandfathers old, beautiful, wooden coffee table. Now imagine that table being passed down and used in your living room. Envision this and you will have a good imagery of what the Rustic interior design style is.

The Rustic design style has a very warm and inviting ambiance. The rustic design style uses leather chairs, dark-stained wood, distressed furniture, exposed beams, stonework and natural fibers. Accessories would include natural elements such as bark, white-washed wooden picture frames, weathered metals and funky lighting fixtures.

If wide planked floors and welcoming fireplaces are something you gravitate towards, then I would consider the Rustic design style. This design style could be exactly what you are looking for.

rustic interior design style


I would love to know what interior design style speak to you most and which ones you strive to accomplish.

If you have any questions on how to reach your interior design style goals, let me know in the comments below!


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