Products You Need To Buy During West Elm’s 40% Off Sale

Three words – West Elm Sale!

When I saw the 40% OFF SALE email from West Elm on Friday, I was blown away by deals. I had been eyeing some of these products for a while and now that they were on sale, I told myself I had to get down to the store that evening.

While I was in the store I found so many great pieces that I had to contain myself from buying them all. I had to keep reminding myself that I live in a one bedroom, 800 sq foot basement suite and I simply do not have the room for all of this stuff.

I ended up leaving with only one item, but I don’t even care because this item was marked down deeper then 40% and was the last one in store. It is also no longer on their website so I can’t even link it for you.

This vase has been screaming my name for many months, it is called the Art Pottery Vase but at the price of $97, I just could not bring myself to splurge on it. When I saw this ceramic vase sitting alone in the back corner of the store, I quickly walked up to it, picked it up, and almost dropped it when I saw the sale price. $27.99 … TWENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS?? If that is not a steal, then I don’t know what is!


I carried this large vase through the store with me because I was not willing to put it down and let someone else take it. I left the store feeling so happy that I finally got this vase and at such a good price, that it made me think I needed to share all of my other amazing finds with you all!

Below I have listed 12 items that I think you will love. Be sure to check out everything else on West Elm’s website – almost everything is on sale.

Cordoba Rug

First up on the list is the hand woven Cordoba Rug. This rug is everything you could ever want and more. If you are going for a Modern-Boho or even a Southwestern style, then this is the rug for you. With its soft pinks, blues, oranges and reds along with its patterns, and fringe ends, this rug screams to belong in the home of a whimsical dreamer.

The starting sale price for this rug is $159 and goes up from there with each size. This is 20% off of the original price. I would try to scoop this one up before it is gone!


Round Weave Baskets

Next, we have the Round Weave Baskets ranging in small to large sizes. These baskets are great for adding some natural textures to your space. They could be placed on your shelf for the ultimate “shelfie”, or you can keep them on your desk to store small items like paperclips and staples.

Starting at $16, which is 30% off of the original price, these baskets are a great addition to your home decor collection.


Ribbed Blanket

One of the items that I saw in store and had to tell myself no to was the Ribbed Blanket. Unfortunately, I am a blanket hoarder and I do not have enough space to keep another blanket. If I did, I would have bought this instantly!

These blankets are so soft and to make it even better, like most of the bedding they carry, these blankets are Organic. The ribbed feature gave the blankets so much texture that it was really hard not to buy it. These blankets are currently 30% off, starting at $89.99.

Like I said, if I didn’t already have so man blankets, one of these would have been coming home with me!


Half-Dipped Glassware

Ok, so I didn’t see this Half-Dipped Glassware set in store, but if I had, I can guarantee you I would have bought it. The frosted part of the glass gives it so much dimension and texture, it really gives these glasses a unique feel. As their website states, these are perfect for a formal evening, but also practical enough for every day use.

These glasses are 40% off costing $29.99 for a set of 6! Now that’s a great deal. I am probably going to purchase them online myself.


Moscow Mule Mugs

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Moscow Mule? If you are a fan of the drink, then you know how much better they taste in a copper mug. These Moscow Mule Mugs are the perfect investment pieces. Just think of how amazing they would look on your new trendy bar cart?

They are currently 20% at $19 and for and extra $10 you can even add an engraving of your initials to the mug.


Agate Bookends

It is no secret the Agate Bookends are super trendy right now, and for good reason. These bookends are stunning. When you find the right ones that match your colour scheme and sparkle in all the right ways, they really do make for the perfect “shelfie”.

I wish I had waited to buy my Agate Bookends, because these ones are so gorgeous and are at an unreal price! Unfortunately, I paid full price for mine at Pottery Barn and I am really regretting the amount I spent on them now after seeing the price that these ones are on sale for.

For only $19 you can get the below stunningly beautiful bookend. I seriously might buy one just for its colouring. It is gorgeous!


Roar & Rabbit Swivel Chair

The next item is definitely on the pricier side, but it is beautiful. The Roar & Rabbit Swivel Chair will bring your home office to the next level. This chair has caught my eye so many times that I almost bought it just to say I owned it. After being realistic and realizing this beauty just won’t fit in our home, I let myself forget about it. That was until it went on sale, and up to 30% off might I add.

I haven’t let myself splurge on this item yet because the chair still costs $560-$799. I am not 100% sure exactly where I would put it.

This is why I decided to share this chair with you all! I hope someone else has the perfect spot for one of these chairs. It comes in so many different colours and fabrics like velvet and leather that I am sure you will find one that you love.

If you do end up purchasing this item, please send me some photos, I would love to see it styled in your home!


Floral Burst Chandelier

I truly fell in love with this next item when I saw it in store the other night. The photo just does not do it justice. The Floral Burst Chandelier literally reminded me of a large flower bursting – just like its name says. It is one of the most beautiful light fixtures I have seen in a while.

This chandelier would look amazing in a little girls bedroom, or even in a semi-formal seating area. The brass accent is perfectly on trend and the burst effect gives it a subtle uniqueness that helps makes a statement.

This chandelier is 30% off coming in at a total cost of $359. I really think this is a steal for this light fixture. Trust me when I say, it is beautiful.


Roar & Rabbit Pleated Ottoman

Ottomans are becoming more and more popular and we are seeing them in so many different shapes and sizes. The Roar & Rabbit Pleated Ottoman comes in many different colour options and it matches the Roar & Rabbit Swivel Chair quite nicely.

This ottoman is currently 30% off starting at $140. That is a pretty great price for this piece. With all of the different colour options and fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your home.


Naturalist Homescent Collection

I could never understand why people would spend so much money on small sized candles when you could just go to Bath & Body works and get double for your money. This was until I smelt the candles in West Elm. The Naturalist Homescent Collection candles smelt so good I couldn’t believe it. There really is a huge difference between cheap candles and expensive ones.

Lucky for you, these candles and room spray are also on sale! Regular $26 for a small candle is now $10! That’s almost 65% off the original price and it is so worth it.


Fringe Pillow Covers

Pillow covers – they always hold a good debate on whether or not they are worth the price. Some pillow covers are gorgeous but over priced. If you can’t fathom the thought to spend that kind of money on fabric, you are not alone.

The pillow covers at West Elm are no exception when it comes to price. However, when I see a good deal I have to credit them. These Fringe Pillow Covers are beautiful! They are everything you could ever want and more. These were sold out in store, but they still have some online and I will be ordering them.

These pillows are currently 30% off at $31 for the small one and $35 for the large.


Mid-Century Bar Cart

The last item I have for you guys is the Mid-Century Bar Cart and while it is super trendy right now, I think it is also going to be around for a long time. I think this one is worth the investment.

This bar cart is currently 20% off coming in at $240. Thats a great deal for a wood bar cart. Just think of how great your dining area will look with this in the mix.


I hope you enjoyed this list! I hope some of these items helped inspire you to check out West Elm’s sale.

If you buy anything from West Elm’s sale, let me know in the comments below. I would love to see how you style your new pieces!

Please note that this post is not sponsored by West Elm. These are honestly just products that I loved and wanted to share with everyone. If I ever do a sponsored post I will let you know from the beginning. Please keep in mind that while this post is not sponsored, some of the links are Affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission off of the purchase you make using the links I provided. This does not increase your price in any way. 


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  1. We actually just bought our first piece of furniture from West Elm! It’s a stunning headboard and bed frame and after only having it for a few days, I am completely obsessed. I loved the pieces you linked. West Elm really doesn’t have beautiful items, although I wish there was an actual store location close to me so I could shop there in person!

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