10 Interior Design Trends of 2020

It is that time of year again – and no I am not referring to the leaves falling from the trees and Christmas being just around the corner. I am referring to the release and forecast for all of the Interior Design Trends of 2020!

When I attended the Interior Design Show Vancouver last month, I was really pleased with what I saw. I noticed that there will be a lot of interior design trends sticking around from 2019, and to tell you the truth, I am totally OK with that!

Below, I have compiled a list of interior design trends that I believe will be huge in 2020. I am feeling super inspired by the interior design trends of 2020 and I could not be more excited to share them all with you!

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You can start apologizing to your husbands now, because blush pink is not going anywhere in 2020. In fact, I believe we will be seeing even more of it.

There is something so dainty, yet beautiful about blush pink that makes you want to incorporate it into every single room in your home. If you are not sold on blush pink yet (even though I am not sure how this is possible – we are going on year 3 of this being a hot topic in interior design trends) then you need to start small. Start by adding one pillow to your living room that is blush pink. If you love it, add another. From there you will see just how beautiful this trend is – and that is probably why it is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Blush Pink Pillows


Yup, it’s true, the Scandinavian Interior Design Style was all over IDS Vancouver this year. This clean, simple and minimalist design style is one that I have yet to get sick of. There is something about the Scandinavian Interior Design Style that captures the beauty in a room. It reminds me of nature, and brings me back down to earth. Whenever I am in a room that is decorated with the Scandinavian Interior Design Style I feel calm and relaxed.

One of the things that I really like about this interior design trend, is that it is easy to incorporate the style without having your entire home decorated in it. My favorite mixture is a Scandinavian Farmhouse vibe. I always say if I could build a home from the ground up, I would have the design style be a Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse!

Scandinavian Design Style


Something I really noticed at this years IDS Vancouver, was how much greenery there was. There was greenery on the walls, greenery on the tables, greenery on chairs, it was a plant lovers heaven. It seems that plants are going to be a huge part of decorating in 2020.

I am not sure how I feel about this interior design trend. On one hand, I love the look of a good plant, they help clean the air we breathe and they make our house feel more like a home. However, on the other hand, I am not overly in love with walking into a home and feeling like I am in a forest.

Find your happy medium with the trend. It does have the potential to make your space feel that much more homey – just don’t go over board.



Everyone seems to love a good neon light these days. Neon lights started popping up in 2019 and we are only going to see more of them in 2020.

Every latest night club and hot spot in the city is incorporating neon lights and I don’t blame them – they make for a great photo opt when out with friends. Whether it be a saying, or in the shape of a flamingo, everyone is attracted to neon lights.

I don’t know how I feel about neon lights in your home, but if you are opening a restaurant, hotel or a night club then I would highly recommend incorporating neon lights into your design plan.

Neon Lights Interior Design Trends of 2020


This is going to be such a fun Interior Design Trend of 2020. I am so excited for this trend to start popping up more and more. Think big leaves and colorful accessories – from wallpaper to furniture, this trend is going to be fun!

We did see some of the tropical vibes start in 2019, but 2020 is going to be the year that we see it everywhere. Just like the neon lights, this trend is so fun to incorporate in a new restaurant, hotel or night club. You can tie the two trends together to create a fun, cool atmosphere that everyone loves. Hello new and cool Instagram grid.

Tropical Vibes Interior Design Style of 2020


From the Juju hats we saw in 2019 to Woven wall hangings we are going to be seeing in 2020 – textured wall decor is all the rage. Keep in mind that textured wall decor does not necessarily mean an accessory, painting or Juju hat. Textured wall decor also includes tiles and wallpaper, and there are some pretty cool looking tiles and wallpaper out there lately.

Have fun with a new room in your home, incorporate that texture and I promise you will be happy you did!

woven wall art


It is hard to predict the IT COLOUR for 2020 while we anxiously await to hear from Pantone. I did notice though, that coastal colours seemed to be popping up around the IDS Vancouver. From paint colours, to dressers, coastal colours are going to be an interior design trend of 2020.

Benjamin Moore released their 2020 colours and all I can say is Hell-to-the-YES. I love them! Bring on the coastal colours, it will help us all relax a little bit more.

Coastal Colours Interior Design Trends of 2020


Who doesn’t love a good kitchen island? I know I do. Just like 2019, we will be seeing kitchen islands that stand out a little bit more then they use to. We no longer want to blend our kitchen islands in with the rest of our kitchen cabinetry.

One way to make your kitchen island POP is to paint it a different colour then the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen. If you are going for an all white kitchen, consider a blue island. This creates a space that is not only meant for prepping dinner, but a space that is welcoming to your guests; a spot that screams “Come sit here, let’s chat!”

Step out of your comfort zone on this one, trust me, your friends will be jealous!

Kitchen Island Interior Design Trends of 2020


While brass hardware was really huge in 2019, I think we will be seeing a lot more of black hardware in 2020. Black hardware is by far my favorite trend we have seen thus far. There is something about black hardware that makes your home look modern, cool and clean.

If it were up to me, I would always choose black hardware when designing a home from scratch. If you are building or renovating your home, be sure to consider black hardware. You won’t regret it!

Black hardware


Yes, we all love neutrals, but pops of colour are still going to be a huge interior design trend of 2020. We will be seeing colour poping up in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens – no room is off limits!

You can incorporate pops of colour by adding a fun and bright pillow, a colourful vase or a stunning piece of art. Just be careful that the colour you choose compliments the room you are putting it in and does not clash. There is nothing worse then a beautiful pop of colour gone wrong!

Pop of colour

That completes my forecast on the interior design trends of 2020! Let me know your thoughts and if you think there will be any other cool trends sticking around in 2020. Better yet, let me know what you would LOVE to see in 2020!

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