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Affordable IKEA Organizing Solutions

Have you ever looked around your home and felt stressed out by the clutter you see knowing that you have no where to store it? That was my life a few years ago, before I discovered these great affordable IKEA organizing solutions.

I have always been a very organized person, everything I owned had a place it belonged when it wasn’t being used. I lived at home with my parents, so generally I only had one bedroom to keep organized. When I moved out and had to start purchasing items like a vacuum, kitchen essentials and stationary items it really hit me just how hard it would be to store it all while living in a small basement suite with minimal storage space.

This is when I discovered just how great IKEA really was. I always loved IKEA, but I never really needed anything from there like I do now. IKEA not only has great items, but they are affordable too!

Below I will walk you through a guide to purchasing affordable IKEA organizing items.


Yes, I know, everyone talks about these bad boys, but for good reason! If you are going for a farmhouse/rustic vibe these pitchers will polish off your look. Not only do they look great, but they help with storing all of your larger kitchen utensils like wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and rolling pins.

The SOCKERART VASE comes in two sizes, 16 cm ($17.99) and 22 cm ($24.99). For styling purposes, I would suggest buying one of each size. You can have the smaller one placed slightly in front of the larger one. If you have a lot of counter space, then go ahead and stock up on these and buy two large ones and one small one. The more storage space the better!

Ikea SockerartThe Nest


The KALLAX SERIES is an all-time affordable IKEA organizing favourite. This shelving unit can be used for so many different things. You can hang these shelves on the wall, add drawers and doors to them or baskets for extra storage. The KALLAX SERIES comes in many different colours and sizes, which makes them so functional.

I used to have the KALLAX with 8 shelves in my bedroom when I was in school and it was great for storing binders, books and decorative pieces. I now have one in my entry way where I filled it with BRANAS rattan baskets. This is a great spot to store all of your spring/summer shoes. This helps keep the entry way looking tiding and clean, yet it is functional too.

When I moved out of my parents’ house, I left the 8-shelving unit behind. They turned that into their TV stand in their loft. This is a great option if you have a lot of different things you need to store in your TV room. They purchased some baskets and filled them with their stationary items, old photos and albums, gift bags, cards, etc. the list goes on.

You can’t go wrong at $59.99 for the smallest unit. The options for use with this unit are endless and because of that, they are a good investment piece that can be brought with you anywhere you move. You may not use this shelving unit for the same thing you used it for in the past, but you will ALWAYS find a use for it somewhere in your home.



These little drawer storage boxes are the best, I swear by them! These are so perfect for organizing your drawers and separating different items. They are little mini life savers. When I am in the middle of a bedroom organization project with a client, I will always purchase these.

I love to use these in sock and lingerie drawers. One smaller drawer can typically fit two or three of these boxes. No more opening your drawers and searching for a pair of socks that has fallen underneath your lingerie. These boxes keep these items all separated within one drawer.

I also use these in my one drawer that I like the call my “everything that doesn’t have a home” drawer. In this drawer I currently have two small boxes and one longer one. I store all of my sunglasses standing up in one of them, little nick-knacks in another like spare cords, my spare car key, safety pins, gift cards etc. I use the longer one to store more important things like passports, birth certificates, immunization records and all those important things.

If you are a “folding roller” of your clothes that you keep in drawers, then you can use the larger boxes to store your rolled t-shirts, shorts and jeans.

Clearly, I cannot rave about these drawer organizers enough. The SKUBB SERIES cost $9.99 for 6 assorted sizes. That’s a pretty good price if you ask me!

Ikea SkubbIKEA


The HYLLIS SHELF is an indoor/outdoor unit. I love to use this shelf inside walk in pantries because there is so much space on them. These little shelving units are so inexpensive at $11.99 for the 3-shelf unit and $16.99 for the 4-shelf unit. Don’t be fooled by the price, these are decent quality shelves.

I like using these and adding crates on them. I will typically have one crate for different pastas, one with dry soups, one for crackers and of course most importantly one “junk” crate for all of my secret chocolate bars and bags of chips.

The crates on these units act as drawers, they can easily slide in and out of the shelving unit and they look great too.

The plus side of the HYLLIS SHELF is that it can be used outside as well. You can have this on your deck where you can store all your plants or your garden equipment. The use for this shelving unit is endless and once again, it can be brought with you anywhere you go because of its versatility.

hyllis-shelf-unit__0639121_PE704408_S4 2


Are you a wine drinker? Have nowhere to store your endless bottles? The OMAR bottle shelving unit is your secret answer. I love this unit. It fits so perfectly in my pantry and it can really fit in any kitchen corner, or along the kitchen wall if you don’t have a walk-in pantry. This affordable IKEA organizing solution is my favourite.

With storage for up to 24 bottles of wine, I don’t think you will have a problem finding places to put your new bottles. Plus, if you drink them as fast as I do, you won’t ever have more the 24 bottles laying around anyways.

However, if you do need more storage for bottles, this unit does come doubled with 12 shelves and it can fit up to 48 bottles. It is tall though, so you would need to have the space to put this somewhere.

It is also important to note that this unit can be used for way more than just wine bottles. Do you enjoy sparkling water? These bottles fit perfectly on this unit as well. Really, any larger bottle can fit on here.

This unit is a little bit pricier than the HYLLIS unit, however in my opinion it is worth the price. The smaller sized unit is $34.99, and the taller unit is $64.99. You will be receiving a sturdy, clean looking shelving unit. Your wine deserves it.



Ok, so this is technically called the VARIERA PLASTIC BAG DISPENSER, but it can be used for so many more things then just plastic bags.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have one of these in my pantry filled with plastic bags but, I also have one of these in my storage closet which holds all my wrapping paper! Yes, that’s right, you know those rolls and rolls of wrapping paper that un-roll when left in the corner of your closet, well they hold up quite nicely inside the VARIERA DISPENSER.

I have seen people get quite creative with this little dispenser unit. From storing tin foil, to Keurig K-Cups, tennis balls and even yoga mats, the use for this item is unbelievable.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this only cost $1.99!! At that price, you may as well pick up as many as your heart desires because you will find so may uses for it.



This is a general topic because I cannot choose just one of the storage baskets that IKEA carries. I truly think that almost all of them are great with awesome prices.

A few of my favourite’s are the BRANAS basket ($14.99), SMARASELL box with lid ($2.49), FLADIS basket ($14.99), FRYKEN box with lids which is a set of three ($14.99) and the PUDDA basket which comes in two sizes – smaller size ($7.99) and larger size ($12.99)

Whenever I am organizing someone’s home, I will purchase at least two of the above-mentioned baskets. They go great with any room and they also fit well with the KALLAX shelving unit I mentioned above.

The best thing about these baskets is that they come in different styles which helps when decorating your home. These baskets can be used to hide items around your home, and you will look so stylish while doing it.


I hope this helps everyone realize that it can be very easy to stay organized at an affordable price if everything has a home! With these affordable IKEA organizing items you are set!

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on organization systems. You can be practical and still accomplish your goal of living in an organized space.

If this post helped you in any way, or you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!


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