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Feature Wall Ideas That Are Simply Brilliant!


Over the last few months I have found myself obsessing over different feature wall ideas. I can’t seem to scroll through Instagram without loving and saving at least one feature wall photo. This is when I realized that there is no way I am the only one who has this fascination with feature walls. I decided to share the love and rounded up my favourite feature wall ideas from some of my favourite Instagram accounts!

While going through this list I will give you a little bit of information about who the photos belong to and why I love them so much.

Feature Wall Ideas


First up, we have this amazing entry way by Meegan of @mia.interiors. Meegan is one of my favourite design accounts to follow. I came across her page when she tagged me in a Instagram story where she screen shot my Instagram page @organizedhomedecor and wrote “great Inspo from @organizedhomedecor“. This girl had my virtual friendship right then and there! She was the first person to ever tag me and post my page for their followers to see. I was, and am so grateful for that!

How was this feature wall accomplished? Well, it may look like wallpaper, but it’s not. Meegan took a sponge and some black paint and created this look herself! She cut the shapes out, one larger then the other to give it some extra texture and dimension and got to work. If you want to see more details on how to accomplish this look, be sure to check out her Instagram Highlights under DIY. She tells you exactly what to do and how to do it!

MIA Interiors - Feature WallMeegan – @mia.interiors –

Lindi and Russel

Next, is a dining room feature wall created by Lindi of @love_create_celebrate. Lindi and her husband Russel are rocking the feature wall trend. Their home is filled with jaw dropping feature walls. Thankfully, they give us every detail about how to accomplish the looks on our own on their blog

Just one look at their blog and you will fall in love with them and their work. Lindi and Russel did more then just paint their feature wall. They had one of the best feature wall ideas when they decided to plank the wall with Metrie Moulding. This added so much dimension and character to the space.

The detail in the below photo is amazing – they really succeeded at accomplishing this look!

Love Create Celebrate Feature WallLindi and Russel – @love_create_celebrate –

I love the work by Lindi and Russel so much that I have to share a second feature wall that they created. I actually found Lindi’s Instagram page because of this feature wall. This was her 6 week One Room Challenge from May 2018. Their entry way feature wall is just as good as their dining room. The texture that this brings to the space is amazing. I am really tempted to accomplish this look on my own and I know a lot of you will be to!

Love Create Celebrate Feature Wall Entry .pngLindi and Russel – @love_create_celebrate –


Alisa from @aglassofbovino seriously pulled strings on my heart when she revealed her bedroom after the 6 week One Room Challenge. I have looked up to Alisa in this Instagram/Blog world for the simple fact that she is damn good at what she does. I do not understand how this is not her full time job!

When Alisa completed her bedroom makeover, she also made an adjustment to her newly renovated master bathroom. She added the most captivating wallpaper to her bathroom wall. This wallpaper was placed perfectly and it is the first thing you see when you open the door. This is seriously show stopping.

If wallpaper is your jam, then I highly recommend checking out Alisa’s blog She lets you know where she got this wallpaper and her thought process behind where to place it.

Alisa A Glass of Bovino
Alisa – @aglassofbovino –


Another favourite Instagram account of mine is Chelsey’s of @frengpartyof5. To say she is talented would be an understatement. Her home is so beautiful and she knows how to rock a damn good feature wall.

When I saw her bedroom wall I was stunned by the beauty of the colour that she chose. Her neutral pallet is one for the books. You can shop her bedroom here!

This feature wall is a great reminder that sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint and you’re good to go. Less is more!

Chelsey Freng Party of 5
Chelsey’s – @frengpartyof5  –


Up next, we have Mansa of @___simplicite___ . This is another account that I discovered through the One Room Challenge. Mansa’s work is incredible. The feature wall she created for her bedroom is so beautifully designed. From the dark blue paint to the wall trim, she (quite literally) nailed it!

The thing I really love about this feature wall is the design she created. It is not just trim placed on a wall, it is a curated design. A lot of thought and effort had to go into this feature wall, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. This has to be one of my all time favourite feature wall ideas!

If you want to learn exactly how to accomplish the below look, be sure to check out her 6 week One Room Challenge series on her blog

Simplicite Feature Wall Bedroom
Mansa – @___simplicite___ –


Do you want to try a feature wall, but are too scared to commit to an entire wall in your home? Try choosing a smaller area to make your feature. Just like Jenny of @hollanderhomestyle did!

While Jenny is not afraid of feature walls, she added this little touch to her living room and boy did it turn out well! Jenny is extremely talented and her fireplace feature wall did not disappoint.

From the perfectly designed squares to the black paint, and the tile trim, this is perfection.

Jenny Hollander Home Style FirepalceJenny – @hollanderhomestyle

Amanda aka ME!

Another example of a painted feature wall is the Office/Sewing Room Makeover I completed for the One Room Challenge this Spring.

I am so obsessed with the way this feature wall turned out. From the colour to the shelving, this wall brings your eyes straight to it.

For more details on how I came to decide and create this feature wall, check out my Office/Sewing Room Makeover 6 week blog series.

Amanda Organized Home Decor
Amanda –

I realized after compiling this list, that I am really drawn to dark feature walls. While I do love lighter colours too, there is something so captivating about a dark feature wall.

If you have been looking for the best feature wall ideas to try in your own home, I hope this post inspired you.

Now, go out and grab some dark paint, wood planks and whatever else your heart desires for your next project!

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  1. We moved in a new apartment more than a year ago and even though it might seem like along time we are not even half way done with decorating the place. The above walls look amazing 😍 thanks for sharing it definitely helps with getting some inspiration.

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