Do you live outside of the Greater Vancouver area but are still interested in design services?

Do you want a professional opinion without the commitment of scheduling an in-person meeting?

Looking for a more affordable option of working with an Interior Decorator?

E-Design could be a great solution for you!


E-Design is a design option offered by O.H.D Interiors that gives clients an opportunity to work with me solely online. Whether you live in another province, country or locally, E-Design is an option for everyone.

If you are looking to get great design ideas and suggestions for your space that you can then turn around and purchase on your own time, E-Design is something to consider.

E-Design is also a more affordable way to hire a decorator and still receive amazing results.


Please contact me and provide me with details such as how many rooms you are wanting to decorate, what the rooms are and your preferred design style.

Once you have reached out, I will follow up within 48 hours and we can start your E-Design process. At that time, I encourage you to send me any measurements, a rough sketch of your floor plan, preferred colours, items you wish to keep and inspiration photos.

From there, depending on the package you choose, we will move onto further steps such as concept design boards, 3-D room design of your space(s), a list of shoppable accessories and furniture with shoppable links.


The turnaround time for E-Design varies based on the scope of the project. Individual rooms usually take around two weeks. Once the design plan is complete, you will receive your finalized project. You will then be free to purchase the items when the time is right for you.


Full Service – Flat Fee – $450 per room

* 3 Different Concept Design Boards
* 5 Paint Colour options for your space
* Up to 3 revisions on your Concept Design Boards
* 3-D Room Design
* List of Shoppable accessories and furniture

The Full Service package is great for you if you need help with furniture arrangements, room planning and over all implementation of the design.

The 3-D Room Design helps you know exactly where your furniture and accessories should be placed. This has advantages because we are able to layout the room in a way that it uses all of its space correctly.

Partial Service – Flat Fee – $250 per room

* 2 Different Concept Design Boards
* 3 Paint Colour options for your space
* Up to 2 revisions on your Concept Design Boards
* List of shoppable accessories and furniture

The Partial Service package is perfect for you if you are already comfortable with space planning and have an idea of how furniture and accessories should be arranged in a room.

If you feel comfortable implementing the suggested design style, then the partial service would be a great option.


O.H.D Interiors requires 100% of your service fee for E-Design at the time of booking. This fee is non-refundable once you have signed the client contract.