Office/Sewing Room Makeover – One Room Challenge – Week 6

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Week 6 of the One Room Challenge is here and it is REVEAL DAY on my Office/Sewing Room Makeover! The past 6 weeks have been so fun, exciting, stressful and tiring. I had all the feels towards the end of this challenge, but ultimately I felt happy and proud of my accomplishment. 

The featured designers from the One Room Challenge posted their reveals and WOW. They are amazing to say the least. Make sure you check them out by clicking this link.


Over the last 6 weeks I have changed my mind on the room design more then once, but I am so pleased with the final results. This challenge served as a reminder (that every designer already knows) – the original concept won’t always go as planned – and that is ok. For the most part, I kept the layout of the room the same as I originally planned with some slight revisions made, but I did not make any decisions that didn’t make the room even better then originally anticipated. 

Looking back at the before photos and remembering what that room looked like for the past 8 years to now seeing it updated, functional and desirable, is rewarding. My grandma is so happy with the results and is itching to have the other rooms in her home updated. 

Here are some photos to remind you of what the room looked like before. You can go back to Week 1’s post to see more before photos.


Feature Wall

The biggest change that was made in this Office/Sewing Room Makeover was the feature wall. I chose a bold green colour and took a chance with it, I am glad it looks as good as I envisioned. The colour of the feature wall is THERMAL by BEHR. 


The two desks fit perfectly along the feature wall, and the shelving helped bring character to the room.


Mini Gallery Wall

Bringing our focus onto the the wall that is beside the door, this was a complete last minute decision. It was about the 4th week in where I decided I wanted to make this wall more of a statement then anything else.


I found these 3 round mirrors from HomeSense and decided I wanted to surround them with prints. I chose the print of the leaves because it helps tie in the green from the wall. Then, I chose a print of an old car, because it helps the room feel like it still belongs to someone that was born before my time. I then chose a print of an old sewing pattern. Considering this room is an Office/Sewing Room, I wanted to have something in here that helped it feel like it was more then just an office. 

I also decided that the room needed a calendar to be added in somewhere, and I felt the perfect spot was on this wall. This calendar is from Amazon and I got it on sale for $35 (it is regular $50). It matches perfectly and I am so happy I bought it.


Record Player

The real last minute decision was this record player. After my grandpa passed away, I went through my grandmas things and found a TON of records. My brain flashed back to her stuffing them in a closet knowing she had no way to play them.

This was when I decided I wanted to add a record player to this room and the Amazon search started. After some trail and error of reading reviews, I finally found this record player on Amazon for $49, and it actually gives off really good sound! I am impressed with this little record player and I think it brings the perfect touch to the room. (Unfortunately this record player is no longer available but I have found one very similar that I have linked here) 


The table that the record player is sitting on is from IKEA and only cost me $16. I did a little D.I.Y to this piece and stained it to match the room better. For $16 this little table is really nice and sturdy. If you would like to see a DIY on this side table click here! 

Gallery Wall

The next thing I did in this room was create a gallery wall of family photos. This was on the must list for the room. I debated back and forth so many times on if I wanted to re-frame all of the photos in brand new frames, or if I wanted to keep some of the old ones and some new. In the end, I decided a mixture of the frames was the best idea. This helps the wall tell the story from old to new. I really love how unique it looks. 

Aside from the old photos, my favourite part about this gallery wall is the “What a Wonderful Life” sign from William Rae Designs. This wood sign is so perfect for a gallery wall of family photos. This sign states what my grandma thinks when she looks at these photos.

This product was a gifted item, but I can promise you that I would not have used it if I didn’t like it. The quality of this product is so great. I would recommend them to my friends and families.


Beside the sewing machine is a shelving unit that I purchased from Amazon for $39 (the exact shelving unit I purchased is no longer available, but here is a similar one). I ordered this unit in Walnut stain, but when I put it in the room it was too dark. There was just too much wood in the room now and I didn’t like the look. It actually looked really crammed in the corner of the room. So, I decided to pull another D.I.Y and paint this unit white. I added some peg legs to the bottom of it so it would match the sewing machine. I am thrilled with the results of this last minute D.I.Y. 




Now, for my favourite part of this Office/Sewing Room Makeover, the rug! Ah this rug is seriously amazing, I LOVE IT so much. It is so soft and luxurious looking, but the best part is it only cost me $69 USD from RUGS USA. I have purchased from them once before, so I already new the quality would be good. This rug is even better then the one I ordered for my basement. I urge everyone to check them out. Plus, if you want a good deal they sometimes have up to 55% off site wide! 


Here are some more photos and different angles of the Office/Sewing Room. I hope you enjoy them.







My favourite part about participating in the One Room Challenge was that there were so many other designers joining in on the fun. It was nice to look at all of the progress everyone made on a weekly basis. It was great to see everyone cheering for one anther. I knew that the support from the design community was there if needed. That is something I love so much about the design community on social media, everyone in this community wants to see others succeed.


I look forward to the Fall One Room Challenge and encourage all designers to join in.

DSCN8915 2

Thanks for following along on my 6 week journey for the Home Office/Sewing Room Makeover, it’s been fun!


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    1. Thank you!! I appreciate that so much 🙂 I would love to help you out with your office! If you have any questions about design ideas I would love to answer them for you!

  1. I absolutely love it. Straight to my Pinterest board…

  2. This is so adorable! Sleek + modern while still maintaining a homey and cozy aesthetic. I really love the record player!

  3. ill be honest when i read the word…’green’ as a feature… i thought of a really vibrant in your face neon green. the photos look so much better than i had anticipated when i saw the before pictures. it looks like it should be in an ikea blog or something

    1. Haha! I totally get that. When I first started reading about people painting greens and using greens in their design styles I thought the same thing. I never liked green…but this green I LOVE. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    1. I would love to help out! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Since the sewing machine is not used as often as it use to be and my grandmother doesn’t make anything from scratch anymore, she doesn’t keep rolls of fabric in the house. She mainly uses this now for hemming pants or taking something in for someone, or fixing a tear. If she does need to store fabric there is a closet along the feature wall that has room for all of the fabric rolls 🙂

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