Office/Sewing Room Makeover – One Room Challenge – Week 4

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I can’t believe it is already week 4 of my very first One Room Challenge. Where are the weeks going? The office is almost complete!

This experience has been really fun so far and I love that I get to follow along on other bloggers progress at the same time.

Week 4 was one of the harder ones as I was looking for all of the last minute additives for the office. If you followed along on my Instagram stories you know that I decided to remove the tall bookshelf from this office. It was throwing me off from the start and I just wanted it out. Once I removed it I quickly realized I did not have much time to search for a piece of furniture that would take its place.

One of the challenges I faced this week was finding the perfect storage shelf unit for the now empty corner in the office that has all of the internet and cable boxes. It was definitely hard to find something that would fit and that would also keep me within budget.

Sometimes, when existing pieces of furniture are staying in a room that is being redecorated it can be tough finding new pieces to add that will flow. After many consecutive days of shopping, some new furniture pieces and decor items were purchased and I am waiting their arrival.

The Office / Sewing Room Layout Process

Sewing machine wall

I started to map out my gallery wall for above the sewing machine and I realized that I needed to purchase some new picture frames. When I say “new” I don’t literally mean brand new picture frames, I mean new to me. I hit up some local thrift shops and on my fourth stop, I finally found frames to match! I was looking for specific wood/gold vintage looking frames. Ones that would match some of the ones we already had and some that would help tie in the more updated side of the room.

When working on gallery walls, I really love it when the frames are all different and when the frames themselves can tell a story. These new frames will go up and help tell the story of old and new. I plan to finish mapping these frames out this week and have them all hung by the end of the weekend.

Sewing machine wall 2

On a positive note, the rug I ordered from RugsUSA arrived and I am OBSESSED with it! It looks great with the green wall and the wood floors. I love it so much that I will only show snippets of it in photos until the final reveal.

Office Before Shelving 2

After much dilemma, I decided that I am going to leave the desktop white. The shelves I purchased for the wall are wood with a walnut stain. Then, with the wood chairs I ordered, I felt that a wood desktop would be too much. I actually quite like the look of an all white desk.

Office Before Shelving 3

The Office / Sewing Room Layout Process Results

After mapping out where I wanted to hang the shelves, they finally went up. I can not believe how much of a difference the shelving makes. You can really start to see the vision come through and it is so exciting.

The room feels bigger all around in length, width and height. I was a little bit skeptical about these shelves at first due to the black base. I am so happy I followed my gut and went with them.

Office After Shelving

Office After Shelving 2

These shelves are the FJALLBO Wall Shelves from IKEA.


I am currently waiting for the following items to arrive in the mail:

  • Curtain Rod
  • Shelving Unit
  • Audio Rack
  • Desk Chairs

To Do List:

  • Hang curtain rod
  • Purchase different curtains
  • Complete gallery wall
  • Put together all new furniture
  • Style shelves


I am feeling pretty good about where I’m at in this 6 week challenge; I’m really happy with the progress so far and I’m excited for these last two weeks.

Thanks for checking in this week and following along on my One Room Challenge. If you like to follow along on these journeys, be sure to check out all of the talented designers participating in this event.

I cannot wait to finish the office/sewing room and see the end results. Be sure to check back next week for another update on this room!



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