10 Interior Design Trends Of 2019

The time has come to start your re-decorating process. March is moving on quickly and your brain is starting to think all about spring cleaning. Right now is the perfect time for you to start transforming your home with the interior design trends of 2019; and while 2018 saw a lot of change from 2016-2017, I am SO excited about these 2019 trends.

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Natural elements are all the rage this year, from wood floors, to lots of greenery, stone and natural lighting. Also, natural elements help bring a serene ambiance to any space. If you are looking to create a relaxing and inviting environment in your home, then using some natural elements is for you. Swing by your local garden shop and pick up some house plants to help bring the outside in. If you want something that doesn’t need much taking care of, opt for some faux plants (they will do the trick).

With the cozy, relaxing atmosphere that natural elements create, they really help your house feel more like a home. In a world full of technology, it is nice to come home to a relaxing environment, and this is exactly what you will get when you start to incorporate natural elements into your home.

Natural Elements
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If you thought velvet furnishings was a thing of the past, think again! Velvet sofas, chairs, headboards, lighting and accessories are huge this year and I can guarantee you will see them popping up everywhere. If you are unsure about velvet, start with the small stuff, like pillows! Adding a velvet pillow in the mix helps not only add texture, but can also make a sofa appear a little more high end.

If you find yourself loving the velvet, I say go for it and buy that velvet sofa you have been eyeing. I don’t see velvet going anywhere anytime soon, so your sofa should last you a while.

Velvet Furnishings
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Dark feature walls are one of the top interior design trends of 2019; from matte black, to hunter greens and hale navy, dark walls are definitely a trend we are seeing this year. One very important thing to remember when going the dark route is to make sure you are painting the right surfaces dark and leaving the rest light.

One tip that I have found helpful is to paint your longer walls with dark tones, and leave any ceilings, or walls with windows a lighter colour. Leaving walls that have windows a lighter colour tricks your eyes into seeing that entire wall as a light source

Choosing matte finishes is something you want to remember when deciding on a colour for your dark feature walls. This is important because matte finishes can help make your space appear larger.

If you have ever been curious about dark painted walls and have wanted to try it out in your own home, now is the perfect time to do it!

Dark Feature Walls
JPD Interiors


Floral patterns started popping up in late 2017 – 2018 and they definitely here to stay in 2019. Now I know it can be hard to not picture your grandparents old furniture when you think of florals, but please don’t!

When used correctly floral patterns can really make a beautiful additive to any room; from bedding to wallpaper, it has the ability to completely tie a room together.

Grab a couple of your friends, head out and pick up some floral wallpaper and make it your weekend project to add this stunning feature to your home!

Floral Patterns - Interior Design Trends of 2019
A Glass of Bovino


Polished nickel and stainless steel seem to be heading off into the distance as brass accents make a comeback as one of the most popular interior design trends of 2019. Brass accents create a warm and inviting environment whereas steel creates a cooler environment.

Brass accents of today are less shiny then they were in the past. They are a lot gentler, which is why they create such a warm feeling.

You can start tying brass accents into your home by using them for your light fixtures, picture frames, mirrors, plumbing fixtures and drawer handles.

If you are into dark tones, then I would recommend going for this trend. Brass accents look stunningly beautiful against dark black or dark blue cabinets.

Brass Accents - Interior Design Trends of 2019
Greige Design


Another hit that started to show up in 2018 was blush pink. There seems to be a lot of gravitation towards this beautiful hue. Blush pink makes it easy to update and bring new life to any space. Pillows and throws are a great way to start tying this colour into your home.

Now, I know when some men think of pink furnishings, they can automatically think it will make their house look too girly. Just show your hubby the below photo and I’m sure you can convince him that this trend is one for the books.

Blush Pink - Interior Design Trends of 2019
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Yes – you read that correctly. Statement ceilings are here, and they are what everyone is buzzing about. The last time ceilings were really considered a statement was back in the 20’s; but with all of the vintage and retro returns we are seeing in interior design, it is no surprise that ceilings are one of them.

If there was one thing I learned when visiting palaces and museums in Europe, it was to ALWAYS LOOK UP. Now is the time to start bringing that excitement into your own home.

Using anything from expressively painted ceilings to lacquer, gloss and wallpaper, your options here are endless.

Head out and pick up some unique wallpaper and give this trend a shot! It will look great and your friends will be oh so jealous of your gorgeous ceilings.

Statement Ceilings - Interior Design Trends of 2019



Think That 70’s Show but with a chic twist to it. With so many old trends starting to come back in style it is no surprise that homes are being influenced by the 70’s. This is one of my favourite interior design trends of 2019.

Expect to see earthy tones, warm palettes, wallpaper, funky textures and lots of bar carts. To be able to master the 70s chic trend without risking your home looking like it was sent back in a time machine, you really need to curate a look that mixes both old and new accessories.

Think about investing in pieces that have shapes and textures of the 70’s but are still modern.

If you are bold, adventurous and looking to add some personality to your home, this trend is for you!

70's chic - Interior Design Trends of 2019



Say bye-bye to subway tiles and hello to geometric, bold backsplashes. While it is always nice to play it safe with your backsplashes, it is time to give this trend a shot.

Think about looking at some Moroccan inspired tiles to bring some life into your kitchen. Although not everyone is a fan of colour, you can still rock the bold backsplashes with neutral colours in geometric shapes.

If you are nervous about how these backsplashes may look in your home, head out to any tile store and ask for samples! Once you have samples, lay them out against your cabinets and counter tops and leave them there for a good week. This is a good way to see how these patterns look in your space. At the end of the week you will know if you really love them or decide that they are just not for you!

Bold Backsplashes - Interior Design Trends of 2019

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The last interior design trend of 2019 that I will be sharing with you are rich jewel tones. You may be thinking, what are rich jewel tones, and why are these vibrant colours trending? Rich jewel tones are any colours that resemble gemstones. Some examples for rich jewel tones are dark teal, bold indigo and emerald green.

Rich jewel tones are really starting to make a statement in homes this year. Now, I am not only talking about accessories for this trend, I am talking anything from your sofa to your rugs. One thing you want to keep in mind when using these tones is to use them against an all-white, or black and white backdrop. If you don’t, you risk your room looking cluttered and messy with no flow.

If you are totally into bold and beautiful colours, then this trend is right up your alley. Head to your local home decor store and pick up some accessories to add to your collection. Don’t be afraid of a little colour!Rich Jewel Tones - Interior Design Trends of 2019


How do you feel about these 2019 trends? Let me know in the comments below!


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